Friday, January 4, 2013

Varsity Jacket

Regular Embroidery
This is the type of embroidery that is stitched directly on the jackets. For large quantity order, we will use a computerized embroidery machine and for small scale order of for sample, we will use free-motion embroidery machine (manual).

Embroidery Patch
Unlike regular embroidery, embroidery patch is made by stitching the design on a piece of thick fabric, instead of directly on the clothing. After that it is cut to the shape and then is sewn or affixed to the jackets.

Chenille Embroidery Patch
This type of embroidery is very popular to decorate varsity jacket. Chenille is a type of embroidery that uses wool thread and the surface looks like a carpet.

Applique Embroidery
Applique Embroidery is the technique of taking a pattern of one material, laid on another which forms the ground. The edges of the cut-out design are either sewed over, ornamented with fancy cord, braid, gold thread, or any other appropriate material.

Like what you see? Contact Us now to get more details on how these types of embroidery can be made possible on your varsity jacket!

Lining is an inner layer of fabric inside jacket that provides a neat inside finish and conceal the inside view and the build of the jacket. A lining reduces the wearing strain on your varsity jacket, making it more durable and last longer.
Customers can choose either to have hyget lining, mesh lining, satin lining, or quilt lining. Let these pictures tell you the differences.

Having a lining for your varsity jacket makes it look more stylish and fashionable, and the most important, makes it look expensive and of course, you, look awesome! Still, it is up for you to decide.
Our production

 Varsity Jacket Design Template
You can use our template to customize your varsity jacket design and send it to us for quotation.
You can also purchase our Ready Made Varsity Jacket from EraineShop at special price, which you can also add your logo, letter or wording on it.

For any enquiry, feel free to Contact Us:
Wassap - 0173966534

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